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Navizon per iPhone 2.0 !- Ora con lo “Slider” by cellularmania
febbraio 10, 2008, 5:48 am
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Navizon for iPhone 2.0 !- now with the “Slider”

Pub_navizonA new version of Navizon has been released today. One of the most interesting features of this new version is the Navigation panel, or “Slider”.

The Slider can stay on top of the Maps and  will give you full control of the application while your position is being displayed:- click on the “Moving mode” and your location will be updated every 10 seconds. That way, you don’t have to keep pressing on the “LocateMe” button like a maniac.- click on the “Buddies” icons and your buddies will be displayed instantly

This new version will also let you run Navizon in the background while you are doing other things with your iPhone.  This means that you can now display the location of your loved ones in real-time with the Buddy Finderand use our exciting new feature called the Navizon Alerts, which will let you receive an email each time you or one of your buddies enters a  geographic area.

If you are reading from an iPhone, you can view the video here.

This new version works on all firmware versions and can be installed by adding our repository to Installer. In order to do that, launch the Installer, go in Sources then “Edit” -> “Add” and enter http://repo.navizon.com

Have fun!!





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