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Why isn’t C&P on the iPhone yet? No Copia e Incolla sulla 1.1.3 ? by cellularmania
gennaio 29, 2008, 12:52 am
Filed under: Apple Iphone

Perche’ non c’e’ il Copia e Incolla sulla 1.1.3 ?

Posted  by Mike Schramm

site called Sven on Tech claims to have word straight from an Apple “source” as to why there isn’t cut and paste on the iPhone. Apparently, and get this, they just haven’t figured out how to implement it yet. In other news, the Apple TV will be a success, as soon as Apple figures out how to implement that, too.Yeah, in case you haven’t guessed yet, I don’t buy it. I’m not sure who this “source” is (and there should be an unwritten rule of journalism that anyone who wears a nametag at a convention booth doesn’t get to count as a “source,” unless they’re talking about nametag news), but if someone from Apple says that implementation was the only reason they haven’t put copy-and-paste on the iPhone, then either they’re lying, or they’re just plain too full of themselves. Let’s not forget, despite their achievements, that this is the company that created the worst error message implementation known to man — the iPhone won’t be a failure if the copy and paste is a little more complicated than most other functions. They haven’t figured out how to implement it? Surely they’ve seen this— they know it’s possible.But here’s why my reasoning falls down: I can’t think of another reason Apple would keep it off the iPhone. Do they think people don’t need to cut and paste? Is the RIAA expanding their fight against copying music to copying and pasting everything? Does Steve just never visit any sites besides Apple.com and thus never have to copy and paste anything? I don’t buy the “implementation” argument but I don’t, unfortunately, have a better one to put in its place.


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